The Bomb - Ernie Barnes was born July 15, 1938. Endowed with an innate sensitivity, he knew early in life that he wanted to become an artist. Initial impressions were fashioned in the rich soil of Durham, North Carolina, while his sensibilities were cultivated in a loving home by his parents, Ernest Sr. and Fannie (Geer) Barnes. As a child, he often accompanied his mother to the home of the prominent attorney, Frank Fuller, Jr., where she worked as a domestic. Through his expansive library, Fuller introduced Barnes to the works of the great master artists such as Rembrandt, Raphael and Michelangelo. Amidst the harshness of life in the segregated south in the1940's, artistic ambitions would prove to be an impossibility. His father echoed the sentiments of many in ridiculing and forbidding young Ernest's desire to be an artist. His peers also asserted their disdain by beating him on a daily basis. The isolation and despair of this shy, fat, un-athletic boy plagued him until he reached junior high... MORE The Bomb
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The Bomb  by Ernie Barnes
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12 X 18
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The Bomb  by Ernie Barnes Image is watermarked for copyright protection and is not present on the actual art work.

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This Pencil Study was inspired by Lance Alworth.

Printed by offset lithography, all fine art prints by Ernie Barnes are inspected to ensure an accurate rendition of the original canvas. Each fine art print is sold unframed.

FROM THE ARTIST: Here is a drawing which really needs no explanation. It is a drawing portraying the moods and excitement in the game of football " a game which does strange things to men"makes them lose their heads"makes them hate. It is primeval combat"elbows and shoulder pads"muscle and helmets. It is a George Plimpton discovered, no place for Walter Mitty. I have tried, in my art to re-embody all of the elements of the game in order to portray my subject as fact"deliberately distorting the body in order to inject the strength and the spirit of the men who play the game. It is almost impossible to introduce the athlete in the art of satisfying his thirst for competitiveness in athletics"unless the mood and guts of the game are dramatically expressed. Even before my pencil touches the paper, I mentally strip my idea of its concrete accompaniments " in order to inject my composition with actual reality and spirit.

If football is to be the subject then football should be felt when the drawing is complete.

My experiences in the game where guts, desire and a total disregard for personal safety are prime prerequisites provided the nucleus around which this drawing is formed. One of the luckiest brakes I had as an athlete came in 1960 when I was signed to an American Football League contract with the San Diego Chargers. Here I played in the arena with men who felt that this opportunity to play professional football was the greatest gift since their first bicycle. We suffered ridicule and prejudice from people who said that our league wouldn"t last. Sometimes the only audience seemed to be the concession workers and the custodians.

But we continued to play and dedicate our strength and energies to the game we loved and enjoyed.

Now, with five years of professional football behind me, I am proud of having played in a league where dedication, pride and confidence formed the roots of its success. Thanks to the American Football League, my art talent developed with purity as a result of my opportunity to play. Now this drawing which is a view from the arena floor, has been capsuled for you to enjoy. ERNIE BARNES.

The Bomb , by Ernie Barnes is a Limited Edition production by the Artist. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which affirms that this is an authentic Limited Edition production from Ernie Barnes

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