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Ted Ellis Art Gallery Collection

Ted Ellis
About The Artist :
Ted Ellis is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. Growing up in the city of New Orleans, known for its style and artistic exuberance, has inspired Ted to capture the essence of his subjects in all the glory of its rich cultural heritage. With an extreme Ted Ellis has a true dedication to his craft and style. Which stems from a childhood that exerted an enormous influence on all his paintings. "I prefer to paint subjects that are representative of many facets of American life. Among my many favorites to paint are portraits, landscapes, and seascapes." As a self-taught artist, Ted's style is a blend of realism and impressionism. Ellis' artwork is nostalgic and uplifting. From an outdoor baptism, an afternoon tea with friends, or a lawyer arguing his case before a jury, his art celebrates the traditional values of his culture.


Midnight Stroll

Ted Ellis - Midnight Stroll


Ted Ellis - BreakTime

Buffalo Soldiers On Patrol

Ted Ellis - Buffalo Soldiers On Patrol

Colored Man

Ted Ellis - Colored Man

Equal Justice

Ted Ellis - Equal Justice

Final Justice

Ted Ellis - Final Justice

Grandma's Church

Ted Ellis - Grandma's Church

Into The Word

Ted Ellis - Into The Word

Soiree II

Ted Ellis - Soiree II


Ted Ellis - Springtime

Take Me To The Water II

Ted Ellis - Take Me To The Water II

Mannerly Mansion

Ted Ellis - Mannerly Mansion

Lady In Waiting

Ted Ellis - Lady In Waiting

A Time To Heal

Ted Ellis - A Time To Heal

Bourbon Street

Ted Ellis - Bourbon Street

Born By The River

Ted Ellis - Born By The River

The Gathering

Ted Ellis - The Gathering

Building A Legacy

Ted Ellis - Building A Legacy

Exhibit A

Ted Ellis - Exhibit A

Here Comes The Judge

Ted Ellis - Here Comes The Judge

True Elegance

Ted Ellis - True Elegance

Champions Of Justice

Ted Ellis - Champions Of Justice

Deacons Door

Ted Ellis - Deacons Door

Done Got Baptized

Ted Ellis - Done Got Baptized

Jazzy Blues

Ted Ellis - Jazzy Blues

Old Fashion Baptism

Ted Ellis - Old Fashion Baptism

Bass Man

Ted Ellis - Bass Man

Blowin Magic

Ted Ellis - Blowin Magic

Blue Mystic

Ted Ellis - Blue Mystic

Im Feeling The Music To My Bones

Ted Ellis - Im Feeling The Music To My Bones

Lady Justice

Ted Ellis - Lady Justice

Lost In My Music

Ted Ellis - Lost In My Music

Piano Man

Ted Ellis - Piano Man

The Music Consumes Me

Ted Ellis - The Music Consumes Me

Together We Win

Ted Ellis - Together We Win

Bless This Child

Ted Ellis - Bless This Child

Civil Rights Series I

Ted Ellis - Civil Rights Series I

Contempo Jazz

Ted Ellis - Contempo Jazz

Guitar Blues

Ted Ellis - Guitar Blues

It All Started Here

Ted Ellis - It All Started Here


Ted Ellis - Justice

My Candidate for President 2

Ted Ellis - My Candidate for President 2

The Journey

Ted Ellis - The Journey

The Journey II

Ted Ellis - The Journey II

Wade in the Water II

Ted Ellis - Wade in the Water II

We Own This Land

Ted Ellis - We Own This Land

Where I Want To Be

Ted Ellis - Where I Want To Be

Workin Under Old Hannah

Ted Ellis - Workin Under Old Hannah

Banjo Blues

Ted Ellis - Banjo Blues


Ted Ellis - Dance

Fishin from the Side of the Road

Ted Ellis - Fishin from the Side of the Road

My Block

Ted Ellis - My Block

New Orleans All the Way Live

Ted Ellis - New Orleans All the Way Live

On the Auction Block

Ted Ellis - On the Auction Block

Satchmo Jazz

Ted Ellis - Satchmo Jazz

Subjects Matter

Ted Ellis - Subjects Matter

The Doctor Has Arrived

Ted Ellis - The Doctor Has Arrived

The Love of Dance

Ted Ellis - The Love of Dance

The Probe

Ted Ellis - The Probe

Sweet on the Big Easy

Ted Ellis - Sweet on the Big Easy

Bass Man

Ted Ellis - Bass Man

Blowin Magic

Ted Ellis - Blowin Magic

My Personal Sanctuary

Ted Ellis - My Personal Sanctuary

Bourbon Street

Ted Ellis - Bourbon Street

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