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Rene Dickerson Art Gallery Collection

Rene Dickerson
About The Artist :
A love affair with a brush and canvas is the best way to describe René Dickerson's life. His passion to create has led him down a road filled with shapes and colors that hold the world captivated. René started on this path as a young child in the 1960's with his father who was an avid art lover. René was exposed to artists in the San Francisco Bay Area by his father who would take him to studios to watch the masters of that day creating beautiful works of art. We can say that the senior Mr. Dickerson had a dream for his son because he named him after surrealist René Magritte. René is a self-taught artist that has developed his craft to a masterful level. It must be said that a person could not have reached this level without the support of his family. His parents provided René with art books that spoke to his soul. Talent on this level couldn't be taught; it is a gift that was cultivated in the California sun. René Dickerson's inspirations came in the form of Van Gogh, Picasso, Dali, Jacob Lawrence, Romare Bearden, and the way they embrace their gifts. The life of an artist can be very fulfilling, because their work can inspire future generations. René has so much to offer to future artists. His hope is that he might one day inspire a budding artist like these artists inspired him. René has a body of work that spans four decades with various awards and accolades from the art industry and collectors. His art is in the private collections of Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, and Berry Gordy. René uses acrylic on canvas in a masterful marriage of colors that reach each person on a unique level. As an artist his attention to detail sets him apart from others. Creating works of art is more than a hobby for him; it is a passion. René feels that his art has afforded him the ability to give back to various foundations through fundraisers, offering opportunities for others to fulfill their dreams.

Rene Dickerson PORTFOLIO

Golden Lady

Rene Dickerson - Golden Lady

Shining Stars...the Ladies!

Rene Dickerson - Shining Stars...the Ladies!

Funk in Studio A

Rene Dickerson - Funk in Studio A

Funk in Studio A

Rene Dickerson - Funk in Studio A

Obama in ReneVisions...44

Rene Dickerson - Obama in ReneVisions...44


Rene Dickerson - DIZZIES HORN II


Rene Dickerson - Asia

Stephanie Marie

Rene Dickerson - Stephanie Marie


Rene Dickerson - Ajada

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