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Brenda Joysmith Art Gallery Collection

Brenda Joysmith
About The Artist :
Brenda Joysmith is more than an artist. All her paintings have a story to tell. "Drawing from careful observation of Black people in their ordinary routines, I select a moment that is particularly expressive, or best characterizes my basic idea. Then I work to create a painting that is both meaningful and enjoyable," explains Brenda. Starting with a realistic portrayal of her subject, Brenda s paintings are also impressionistic, interpreting an experience through the subjective use of color and other visual cues. Bright colors that "turn up the volume" are used to express the spirit of children playing ring games or enjoying a parade. Muted marine colors with soft edges and hazy, blurred figures in the distance best describe the calm mood of a couple with introspective expressions looking out over a bay. Brenda grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, in the 1950s and 1960s with four brothers and four sisters. Much of her work is indeed Southern and nostalgic. Now she has returned to her native Memphis, after living for 25 years in California. She says, "The last 25 years in California have expanded my view of the diversity of Black people. Our experience varies by region, generation, religion or socio-economic status. However, most of our cultural roots take us back to the South. I want to remind us of the strengths and positive substance of that experience, connecting with the universal and the timeless." It is the viewerıs recognition of these elements and the emotional response to these memories that bring the works of art to life. In 1984 she self-published her first print portfolio of six paintings titled Tapestry. Notably, it is the Tapestry Collection of six limited edition prints. Ms. Joysmith has won numerous awards over the years and her work appears in many prestigious galleries and museums. Over the years, Brenda's art work has received valued exposure through electronic media as it has been displayed on the sets of both network television series (The Cosby Show, A Different World, Amen, Family Matters, Sinbad, In The Heat Of The Night, Sparks, Good News, The Gregory Hines Show, The Jamie Foxx Show, Malcolm and Eddie, The Hughleys, and Cosby) and feature films (Philadelphia, Lethal Weapon III, Ghost Dad, House Party II, Jason's Lyric, A Family Thing, A Preacher's Wife, Love and Basketball, Music of the Heart, All That Glitters, and Kingdom Come). Brenda's original pastel paintings are included in many prestigious individual, corporate, and organization collections; including, Maya Angelou, the Honorable Willie Brown, Roberta Flack, The William King Collection, Dr. Catherine Lowe, Dr. Calvin McLarin, Oprah Winfrey, Alpha Kappa Alpha National Sorority, Chicago's E H S Bethany Hospital Birthing Unit, The Colgate-Palmolive Company Permanent Collection, Fillmore Fell Corporation, MBNA, National Council of Negro Women, National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE), San Francisco Art Commission, San Francisco's Skilled Mental Health Nursing Center, Sigma Gamma Rho National Sorority, The Wimmer Companies, and the U.S. Embassy Ambassador's residence in Lesotho, South Africa.

Brenda Joysmith PORTFOLIO


Brenda Joysmith - Bumpin

Barefoot Dreams

Brenda Joysmith - Barefoot Dreams


Brenda Joysmith - Everyman

Men On The Bench

Brenda Joysmith - Men On The Bench

Symmetry Of Hearts

Brenda Joysmith - Symmetry Of Hearts


Brenda Joysmith - Madonna

Big Brother Giclee

Brenda Joysmith - Big Brother Giclee

Glad Hats Giclee

Brenda Joysmith - Glad Hats Giclee

Gloria's Moods Giclee

Brenda Joysmith - Gloria's Moods Giclee

Wishes Wishes And Willows Giclee

Brenda Joysmith - Wishes Wishes And Willows Giclee

I Remember Mama Giclee

Brenda Joysmith - I Remember Mama  Giclee

Mirror's Promise

Brenda Joysmith - Mirror's Promise

Lake Temescal

Brenda Joysmith - Lake Temescal

Red Potatoes And Red Onions Giclee

Brenda Joysmith - Red Potatoes And Red Onions Giclee

African Sky Revisited Giclee

Brenda Joysmith - African Sky Revisited Giclee

Sav Market Blue Giclee

Brenda Joysmith - Sav Market Blue Giclee

Canopies At Sav Market Giclee

Brenda Joysmith - Canopies At Sav Market Giclee

Plums And Green Grapes Giclee

Brenda Joysmith - Plums And Green Grapes Giclee

Cast Shadows Giclee

Brenda Joysmith - Cast Shadows Giclee

Still Life With Brass Hunter Seriagraph

Brenda Joysmith - Still Life With Brass Hunter Seriagraph

Jamaica's David Seriagraph

Brenda Joysmith - Jamaica's David Seriagraph


Brenda Joysmith - Sideyard


Brenda Joysmith - Homeboys

Summer's Song

Brenda Joysmith - Summer's Song

Elephant Passage

Brenda Joysmith - Elephant Passage

Still Life With Kinte Cloth

Brenda Joysmith - Still Life With Kinte Cloth

Gaston Street Memory

Brenda Joysmith - Gaston Street Memory


Brenda Joysmith - Details

Memories Of Waiting

Brenda Joysmith - Memories Of Waiting

An American Parade

Brenda Joysmith - An American Parade


Brenda Joysmith - Grandmaster


Brenda Joysmith - Innerworlds

Roses And Sunshine

Brenda Joysmith - Roses And Sunshine

Symmetry Of Hearts Framed Original

Brenda Joysmith - Symmetry Of Hearts Framed Original

Wishes And Willows Giclee AP Framed

Brenda Joysmith - Wishes And Willows Giclee AP Framed

Wishes And Willows Giclee

Brenda Joysmith - Wishes And Willows Giclee

Seaside Perspective

Brenda Joysmith - Seaside Perspective

Summer Dresses

Brenda Joysmith - Summer Dresses

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