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Alonzo Adams Art Gallery Collection

Alonzo Adams
About The Artist :
His pallette is dominated by the earth tones favored by Rembrandt and the American artists he admires, giving his work a poetic, pensive quality. His professional goal is to keep integrity in art, and his personal ambition is to hang in the world s great art museums alongside the masters he reveres. For today, he remains engaged in portraying contemporary black lifestyles, inspired by everyday sights and sounds that deserve immortality in a constantly changing world. Alonzo Adams work has been featured in solo exhibitions at major public and private venues in the East, including Howard University and the Russell Senate Building in Washington, D.C., Rutgers University, Dow Jones and Uptown Records in New York. He has received commissions from Merrill Lynch, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Motown, Ortho Pharmaceutical, Absolut Vodka and Black Enterprise, among others His works hang in the collections of Bill Cosby, Andrew Young, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Earl Graves, Maya Angelou, Patti Labelle, Jasmine Guy, Eddie Murphy and Senator Bill Bradley. Browse and enjoy the great African American Art work from one of Today's most collected African American Artists, Alonzo Adams.

Alonzo Adams PORTFOLIO

Precious Gems

Alonzo Adams - Precious Gems

Peaceful Sleep

Alonzo Adams - Peaceful Sleep

Strong Steady Hands

Alonzo Adams - Strong Steady Hands

Noah's Legacy Giclee

Alonzo Adams - Noah's Legacy Giclee

Fourth Position

Alonzo Adams - Fourth Position

Blow Dat Horn

Alonzo Adams - Blow Dat Horn

Closing Notes

Alonzo Adams - Closing Notes

Fingertips Giclee

Alonzo Adams - Fingertips Giclee

In The Groove

Alonzo Adams - In The Groove

Blowin' The Blues

Alonzo Adams - Blowin' The Blues

Warm Thoughts

Alonzo Adams - Warm Thoughts

House Of Players Giclee

Alonzo Adams - House Of Players Giclee

No Gimmes

Alonzo Adams - No Gimmes

Straight And Long

Alonzo Adams - Straight And Long

Heartbreaker Giclee

Alonzo Adams - Heartbreaker Giclee

After Midnight Giclee

Alonzo Adams - After Midnight Giclee

Jen Giclee

Alonzo Adams - Jen Giclee

The Undergroundgiclee

Alonzo Adams - The Undergroundgiclee

Adam Giclee

Alonzo Adams - Adam Giclee

Meditation Giclee

Alonzo Adams - Meditation Giclee

Quiet Time Giclee

Alonzo Adams - Quiet Time Giclee

After Glow

Alonzo Adams - After Glow

Chocolate Rose

Alonzo Adams - Chocolate Rose

Message To My Unborn King

Alonzo Adams - Message To My Unborn King

No Burdens Too Heavy

Alonzo Adams - No Burdens Too Heavy


Alonzo Adams - Sun-Soaked

Sunshine's Caress

Alonzo Adams - Sunshine's Caress

The Kiss Ap

Alonzo Adams - The Kiss Ap

Let The Rhythm Hit ''em

Alonzo Adams - Let The Rhythm Hit ''em

To The Good Times

Alonzo Adams - To The Good Times

Through The Years

Alonzo Adams - Through The Years

That Love Thang

Alonzo Adams - That Love Thang

Driftin' on a Memory

Alonzo Adams - Driftin' on a Memory

Sienna Moon

Alonzo Adams - Sienna Moon

The Underground

Alonzo Adams - The Underground

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